List of Stories


  1. Dear Sir,
    You have uploaded the sketch of the SANTs, and we will get MOKSHA, simply by going through the sketches. Hence you shown the path way to MOKSHA, by virtue of this stories. HATS off to you Sir.

  2. संत माझी सजिव प्रतिमा – Shri Krishna

    Om Sai Ram

  3. Hari om

    The history of saints is so good to read and show us the way to live.I request you to write about living saints sothat we can visit them and purify our karmas.
    Hari om

  4. It is a great work. Nothing can get better than this. We should read these Saint stories and try to emulate them. Keep up the great work.

  5. Knowing of saints as wellas greatmen is possible only by the good deeds of our past birth. But making it to be known by many people like us the greater thing being done by U now. I pray the almighty to shower his mercy to carry this mission as long as u can

  6. I really tell you thanks for your great work.Like this You add other saints who had alredy seen god like kanakadasa,raghavendra swamy,shankaracharya etc.

  7. I had a great grand aunt Sakhavarmba. Is tht name connected to Sakku Bai. Is there a temple to her in Maharashtra? If so Where?

    • I don’t think that this name has any relevance with Saku Bhai. But it could be one of the peculiar names of Ambal. Please do a search in Google. In my search, I could find that this name has got some relevance with ‘Tripura Rahasyam’ an ancient grantha.

  8. It is monumental and great service to mankind Thanks

  9. A great service to all. Learnt a lot about saints we didn’t know at all.

  10. you have done a great job by writing about life of various saints. keep this going on and try to cover every saint possible.


  12. Too good!! Excellent website to know about the lives of Saints who lived here and their devotion to God. Keep writing and many thanks for sharing so much of information.

  13. Wow!! You have done an exceptional job…..very interesting to read & know about the great saints…. Hats off to you… please keep doing this immense work…

  14. I would like to know which saint has written abhangs that have the mudra as “Nila mhane”(Abhang: Mukuta kundale vanamala) , Also the saint who has written “Anandhacha Kanda hari haa devaki nandana pahila’



  15. Very nice work done by you sir, but we need more depth…….. I am copying u r work and sending it to my friends and creating facebook pages for each sant , thank you sir

  16. Thank you very much for sharing these stories. This is really inspiring and write up is very lucid. Thanks very much again. Om Namoh Shivaya

  17. thank you….ALL IS GOD

  18. Great EFFORT input helps the present generation to know what is GODLINESS.
    Our Pranams to these SAINTs.

  19. Thank you very much for your collection of histories of great saints in india. If you kindly permit me to get them translated in Telugu, I feel very happy and blessed. I translated the history of Tamil Alwars and Tamil Acharya Purushas and Life history of Karnataka Haridasas in Telugu and distributed those books to the public at free of cost. Hence I request you sir, kindly permit me to get these saints history in Telugu. Ome Namo Venkatesaya.

    • Sure, feel free to go ahead and use it

      • Anybody translated these saints stories in Tamil.
        If so send me the block/site.
        venkat t.k.

      • Dear Venkat,

        There is a book called Bhakta Vijayam in Tamil. It is the translation of Mahipati’s original in Marathi. Do look for the same.

        Ram Krishna Hari

  20. All of us are very grateful and convey our humble respects to you for sharing the glories of the saints ..What more one needs in this world … Hearing about the great souls and there passtimes with LORDSHIPS tales to you to anoher world …A million thanks ..Keep it up …May all the blessings of the saints be with you to take up this great kainkaryam in a very big way .
    Yours most insignificant servant
    varadadasan ,hyderabad

  21. good

  22. Great Work Sir, we are lucky to read the stories which are spiritually uplifting
    ramnath shodangi

  23. Many many thanks for your wonderful creation, srsg, Rishikesh, Pramod ..oum

  24. God is very kind

  25. Do u have hindi translation pls.?

  26. good effort for the sake of new comers to bhakhi domain,can you give any info on jalinder jogi sir…

  27. Very good information
    Can you give yome information about Sant Bhojling kaka

    Shree Sant Bhojling Kaka, Shree Sant Jaloji and Shree Sant Maloji Shree Sant Bhojling Kaka is from ‘Sutar’ society and accepted parenthood of Great Sant Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, who narrated Dnyaneshwari, and his other brothers after their mother and father. Shrine of Shree Sant Bhojling Kaka is there beside the Shrine of Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj in Shree Kshetra Alandi in Pune district.


    • Dear Vikas,

      Sorry, I do not have any info on these saints that you are asking for.

  28. this is only the original knowledge should acquired by mankinds

  29. Very nice and top story in all sant
    me very happy thanks Jay Hari…

  30. It is not stories but to give a new path to human beings.

  31. dear bro

    i appreciate your work,writing biography about enlightened n devotee saint.i had read most of story really beautiful n blissfull


  32. Dear Sri Chenthil Kumar, God bless you, your family & friends for this awesome divine work. Just happened to browse this site info when google for Sri Bhagta Vijayam. Will start reading the great saints life history at least one story each day which will clean all dirt in mind and show the path of
    real spiritual bliss & happiness. Our sincere thanks for your great efforts. By the way do you have any idea about Tamil version in PDF format please to download? With kind regards – Sri from Auckland New Zealand.

    • Dear Sri,

      Thanks for the comment. I have not seen any PDF version. I know Lifco published the Tamil version in 1950’s not sure if it is available now. Please do check with them for a hard copy. Hope this helps.

  33. sir you are doing incredible job..pls keep going..and do write about samartha ramdas, aadyajagadguru ramanandacharya,aadyajagadguru shankaracharya..

  34. sri gurubyo namaha
    my father used to say me that this kali yuga is very very bad and earth becomes unfit to do bhakthi to the lord.
    but at the same time he used to say that our krishnapremi gurumaharaj is with us we need not worry about any spritual drawback in the society gurunathar will take care of it
    now i understand the meaning of his words
    you have done an excellent work no words to appreciate a teenager i must be thankful to you for making me use technology for knowing the life history of great avatarapurushas thanks a lot
    by the by the link you have given to sri sri anna is it is wrong it has been changed into pls do the correction coz the resulting website is wrong

    • Thank you Vishnu Priya, I have changed the link.

  35. good work, our religion sustained foreign invaders from 1000s of years because of these saints who proved god is there and people have faith in our religion.thank you for your valuable efforts,keep going save our religion.

  36. Dear Chenthilji Can we post some saints stories in your site???

    Sankar Bangalore

  37. A awesome work !!
    I have read all the stories. Can you please add more stories.
    I got immense pease of mind…. An eye opener.
    Convinced that Vitalla will help us resolve our problems in life.

  38. Dear Chenthil Kumar, U got the awesom site to draw Maney on the track of bhakthi. Thanks a lot. Lavan from u.s.a.

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